Southern Construct 2021

Great to catch up with Mark Cronin from Townmore Construction at today’s Southern Construction Summit.

Looking forward to this afternoon’s panel discussions which includes ‘What does Housing for All mean for the Cork Region’

COP26 – The Built Environment

Today, COP26 dedicated its focus to The Built Environment. The Enterprise Centre at the University of East Anglia (UEA) was featured in the ‘Build Better Now’ exhibition as one of the most exemplary sustainable building projects in the world.

The exhibition showcased building projects across the planet that offer solutions to the climate crisis through innovative and sustainable construction, design, and engineering.

Cygnum designed, manufactured, and erected the timber frame aspect of the project. Check out our case study for more details.

The Enterprise Centre

Cygnum has a Vision for a Green Future

Cygnum’s innovative timber frame construction methods have an undoubted impact on both the embodied and operational energy of new builds.

Not only is timber frame a sustainable and efficient method of construction, the structures actually store CO2, thus acting as a carbon sink.