Going that Extra Mile

Another example of how we go the extra mile here at Cygnum Building Offsite, yellow banding on the exterior of our wall panels indicating the locations of studs for block layers, Simple but VERY effective.

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Build with Confidence and Increase Productivity

Cygnum finished party walls being craned in on-site today. Designed, manufactured, and erected by the Cygnum team. Our offsite system allows our clients to plan their build program with confidence, and increase productivity on site.

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Supporting our Local Community

We are delighted to announce that we are sponsoring the hurleys for the new U7 team at Laochra Óg, Hurling & Camogie Club.

Supporting the local community is something we take enormous pride in at Cygnum.

The club’s primary aim is to encourage the involvement and participation of children and young adults of all ages in hurling and camogie, contributing to their own physical, social and personal development.

Pictured are some of the club’s budding GAA All-Stars of the future! 😊