Hackbridge Primary School – The First Passivhaus Plus School in the UK

Year Constructed2020
Design Features
  • Hackbridge Primary School is the first school in the UK to meet the ambitious Passivhaus Plus low-energy design standard
  • A building certified to Passivhaus Plus standard not only drastically reduces energy use, it also produces as much energy as the occupants consume.
  • As a result of these innovations, the school is carbon positive, only using 75% of the 100% renewable energy that it generates on the site with the remaining 25% being exported to the grid.
  • This is a building that had to be an exemplar for zero carbon and sustainability
  • The result is a beautiful school that celebrates our natural world and inspires children in their learning every day.
Timber Frame Features
  • The Cygnum Passive system featured a twin-wall sheeted on both sides with Smartply OSB, with a membrane on the inside to form the airtight layer
  • The build-up featured an 89mm stud frame, and a second 67mm stud frame, fully cellulose-insulated with an overall wall thickness of 399mm, which is designed to be thermal bridge free
  • The timber frame was precision cut and assembled from a 3D model to ensure minimum waste and perfect alignment and spacing on the building,
  • Good timber frame engineering also resulted in an economic design, which in general terms means using less materials.