Mungret Gate

Size170 units
Year Constructed2018
ArchitectMeitheal Design Partners Architects
Design Features
  • 3/4 bedroom family homes
  • Low maintenance, high quality external finishes.
  • uPVC windows and hardwood front door with 3-point locking system.
  • Stylish private gardens.
  • Fully paved driveways and footpaths. 
Timber Frame Features
  • Exceptional A rated houses to achieve low energy requirements. .
  • Airtightness between 1 & 2 air changes per hours @50 Pascals pressure.
  • The construction of these houses incorporated Cygnums Reflect 140 wall system which includes factory fitted insulation, airtight layer and service cavity battens.
  • The roof construction included 400mm of insulation, an airtight layer and service cavity battens to the ceilings.
  • The party walls have been factory slabbed before delivery to site.