Raheen National School

Size7,534 sq.ft.
Year Constructed2003
ArchitectOvery + Associates
Design Features
  • Commissioned by the Department of Education and Science for the development of environmentally friendly and sustainable school buildings.
  • The building form promotes low energy use and good daylighting levels.  The three principal spaces, the classrooms, all face south, with all support spaces facing other orientations, principally north.
  • The school structure is taller to the south, with mono-pitched roofs and ceilings to give high spaces in classrooms, and more standard ceiling heights in support spaces.




Timber Frame Features
  • Exposed laminated timber beams.  The wall insulation is of cellulose (recycled newspapers), which were sprayed into place once the building was water-tight.
  • The timber framing made it possible for thicker insulation to be used than would be possible in conventional cavity wall construction.