Size26,910 sq ft
Design Features
  • The staff and pupils had input into the innovative and imaginative design of their new school which features classrooms and group rooms clustered around shared, central activity hubs.
  • The ground floor classrooms enjoy direct access to the outdoor areas, while large windows throughout the building provide bright, well-lit spaces.
  • Wilkinson Primary School building utilises high levels of natural light and excellent ventilation to create a healthy and positive atmosphere that helps motivate the pupils and aid concentration.
Timber Frame Features
  • Designing the internal walls to be structural, so that floor cassettes did not need to breach the air tightness layer. In turn this means any penetrations in the internal walls – for services and other installations – need to be carefully planned so as not to compromise the structure.
  • The 340 mm thick walls of the frame were filled with Warmcell insulation by Cygnum. This is made from recycled newspapers and ensures Passivhaus standards for heat loss U-values are met.