On the 25th of May 2018, the European Union are adopting a new privacy law called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to unify data protection and privacy rules for all individuals within the European Union. The new Regulations will affect all organisations established in the EU as well as all organisations outside the EU if they are involved in processing personal data of EU residents.

Given the business relationship your organisation has established with Cygnum Timber Frame we may be processing personal data of your employees. Cygnum is in the process of updating our processes, policies, procedures and system standards for transparency to our client and supplier base as we work with your personal data.

Cygnum will comply with the GDPR by safeguarding your personal data as stipulated in the regulation. We would like to ensure our clients and the companies we conduct business with, that your personal data is properly documented, managed and stored on our systems.

Additionally, we respect your rights to the following and understand that any given time you may exercise your rights to:

  • Request to see your personal data that we have
  • Request to correct or delete your personal data
  • Object to our processing of your personal data or to the transfer of your data to one of our other businesses or contractors
  • Bring a complaint on how we handle your personal data


Please contact your Cygnum representative or send your inquiries to privacy@cygnum.ie

Should you require additional clarification.