Cygnum have seen very significant growth in the Irish house building sector in the past 12 months. Coupled with the improved economic environment, improved building standards and the requirement for more comprehensive certification are resulting in a major increase in demand particularly for the Cygnum Reflect® system.

The big advantage of the Reflect® system is the extent of works carried out in the factory which include

  • Installation of wall insulation
  • Fitting of airtight membrane
  • Fitting internal battens to form a cavity for services.

This makes achieving an ‘A’ BER (building energy rating) very achievable. A full structural engineers design certificate and the relevant ancillary design certificates are provided for each house easing the burden on client’s architects and engineers.

In addition to the ‘self build’ market, we are seeing growing demand for this system in high end developments with schemes underway in Dublin, Cork and Limerick.

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